speaker highlights 2024 Deliverability Summit Speakers

All Speakers are Subject To Final Confirmation

Andrew Bonar

co-founder, Emailexpert

Raymond Dijkxhoorn

Co-Founder, SURBL

Steven Henderson

Head of Deliverability, Emarsys

Yanna-Torry Aspraki

Deliverability Specialist & CRO, EmailConsul

Pierre Pignault

CEO, MailSoar

Willem Stam

Partner, Postmastery

Adrian Patel

CEO & Founder, MailMonitor

Marina Febles

Founder of Atipica Marketing and CMO of Cannascale

Sandy Kartopawiro

Co-Founder, SEINō

Florin Armasu

CEO & Founder, Data Innovation

Barry Abel

Chief Revenue Officer, Halon

Nathalie Small

Sr. Compliance & Deliverability Specialist, Bird

Gerasim Hovhannisyan

CEO & Co-founder, EasyDMARC


The (un)conference dedicated to email Delivery & Deliverability