speakers 2022 2022 London Speakers


Chuck Swenberg

SVP, Strategy, Red Sift

Pascale Fraser-Carroll

UK Director of Change.org

Martijn Groeneweg

CEO & Founder, DMARC Advisor

Elvira Lundell

Marketing Coordinator, Halon

Sarah Miller

Marketing Director at Spamhaus Technology Ltd

Simon Forster

Founder, Spamhaus

Melinda Plemel

Senior Email Deliverability Specialist at Shopify

Kate Barrett

Founder of eFocus Marketing

Jan-Philipp Benecke

Email Deliverability Engineer & Software Engineer, CleverReach

Matt McFee

Managing Partner at Inbox Monster

Soukeina Premdjee

Sr Deliverability Strategist, twilio

Steve Freegard

Senior Product Owner of Abusix Intelligence

Steven Henderson

Head of Deliverability, Emarsys

Max Schrems

Chairman, noyb

Anne-Sophie Marsh

Deliverability Consultant at Iterable

Tobias Herkula

Senior Product Owner, Mail Security 1&1 Mail & Media Applications SE - GMX | WEB.DE | mail.com

LB Blair

Head of Deliverability, Managing Partner, Email Industries

Rickey White

CEO & Founder, Start Inboxing

Charles Sauthier

Head of Data Engineering & MarTech, Groupe SeLoger

John Peters

Deliverability Specialist at Campaign Monitor

Alice Cornell

Email Expert AliceCornell.com

Jakub Olexa

Founder, Mailkit

Matthew Stith

Industry Liaison at Spamhaus

Tobias Knecht

CEO & Founder, Abusix

Andrew Bonar

co-founder, Emailexpert

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