Yanna-Torry Aspraki

Deliverability Specialist & CRO, EmailConsul

YT is a deliverability specialist & CRO of EmailConsul and EspecialMail. As an award-winning thought leader, YT doesn't just train companies of all sizes; she actively engages in diagnosing and resolving their email deliverability issues, ensuring enhanced performance across the board. Her expertise is not confined to any single industry – she adeptly navigates even the most challenging sectors, bringing her mission of simplifying and democratizing deliverability® to a diverse range of businesses.

YT's strategic thinking and meticulous analysis of performance data have not only established a proven track record in significantly enhancing email inboxing rates and sender reputation, but also in maximizing outreach efficiency. Beyond these accomplishments, another remarkable skill lies in her ability to seamlessly merge changes in email practices with overarching business strategies. This unique capability ensures that businesses not only improve their email deliverability and sender reputation but also continue to drive revenue, even while adapting to more efficient email strategies for optimal deliverability.

yannatorry.com • emailconsul.com • especialmail.com • letsauthenticatetheworld.com • emailism.io

14:50 - 15:40

31 May Friday

Panel Discussion and AMA

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