speaker highlights 2023 Deliverability Summit Speakers

The Deliverability Summit is the perfect place to learn about email deliverability and anti-spam issues. With knowledgeable speakers and panelists, you will have the knowledge to diagnose and fix almost any deliverability issue you may encounter. If you cannot fix it you will make the connections who can.

Andrew Bonar

co-founder, Emailexpert

Jennifer Nespola Lantz

VP of Industry Relations and Deliverability at Kickbox

Jakub Olexa

Founder, Mailkit

Raymond Dijkxhoorn

Co-Founder, SURBL

Alice Cornell

Email Expert AliceCornell.com

Matt McFee

Managing Partner at Inbox Monster

Yanna-Torry Aspraki

Deliverability Specialist & CRO, EmailConsul

Veronika Šklíbová​

Head of CRM & emailing, Notino

Syed Alam

Senior Email Deliverability Engineer at Postmastery

Sarah Papadopoulou

Senior Deliverability Manager, Moosend / Sitecore

Tomas Charvat

CEO, VirusFree

David Finger

Senior Product Manager Seznam.cz Email

Jeff Boachi

Digital Marketing Lead for Guy's and St Thomas Hospital

Pavel Pola

E-mailing enthusiast and CEO, Etnetera Activate a.s.

Peter Cholnoky

CEO, e-hawk

Matthew Grove

Senior Manager of Engineering at Mailchimp

Maarten Oelering

Partner, CTO, Postmastery

Anna Didžbanienė

Abuse Prevention and Mitigation, Spamhaus

Priya Bransfield

Email Expert

Steve Tuck

Senior Solution Architect, Halon

Pierre Pignault

CEO, MailSoar

Kateřina Fišerová

SmartEmailing CEO & InboxQueen

Yves-Marie Le Pors-Chauvel

Email Marketing and Delivery Specialist, Postmastery

Jaren Angerbauer

Deliverability and ISP Relations Manager at Proofpoint

Dominika Langová

Lead of Mailing, Notino

Jan Krčmář

Marketing Automation Specialist Team Lead, SmartEmailing

Jason Warnock

Product Advisor, Inbox Monster

Jeroen Verschoor

Deliverability Manager, Deployteq

Iain Anton

EMEA Customer Director at Kickbox

Willem Stam

Partner, Postmastery


The (un)conference dedicated to email Delivery & Deliverability