for industry professionals UnConference

An alternate track and space available for industry professionals attending in Alicante


With over a dozen industry professionals attending in Alicante an alternate track of unscripted networking, presentations and group discussions are propsed for the breakout room. From discussions around how you approach the convergence of B2B and B2C MBPs as an ESP through to dealing with independent mailserver administrators. Struggles with DMARC in multi-tenant environments, or plans to migrate MTA´s. A series of discussions will be proposed by invitation shortly before the event and those most popular will be facilitated.

We welcome your submissions or proposals for short presentations and discussions in the breakout area, this is for a small group of senior industry professionals. We will additionally host discussions for proposals and suggestions for our annual Advanced Edition and Industry Day in Amsterdam in 2025.


Industry professionals with the required experience attending Deliverability Summit in Alicante will be invited to an informal interview for the purpose of receiving recognition of Prior Learning and Professional Experience with a view to being awarded emailexpert Certified Deliverability Specialist.